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SysTrack® is the easiest to use, most complete way to monitor and tune application performance. SysTrack combines comprehensive system monitoring capabilities with inventory tracking and sophisticated statistical analysis for applications and users to create a total management solution. SysTrack provides a common management platform for Terminal Server, with or without Citrix, traditional Server and Workstation environments.
Real-Time System and Service Monitoring

Resolve performance problems before the complaint calls start coming in. When an alarm is generated, SysTrack can notify you of the problem via a page, e-mail, SNMP alert, or can run a script or perform another action that you designate.

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Similar to the airline industry where the Blackbox is used to provide critical clues as to what caused a problem, SysTrack's Blackbox Data Recorder provides you with the ability to know:
  • Who was running what application?
  • What was the application start time and process ID?
  • Was the application just in the process of opening or closing?
  • How much of the systems overall resources (CPU, memory, I/O, pagefault, virtual memory, etc.) were being consumed by a specific application at any given time?
  • Which performance counters were above their allowable thresholds?
  • Do I have memory leaks and if so, what is the size and type of the leak? Which application is leaking memory?
  • Were there system changes?
  • Were there unauthorized web visits?
  • Were there event log entries?
  • What did system conditions look like immediately before, during, and after a problematic event occurrence?

The "per-process" Blackbox Data Recorder also provides instant replay capability so administrators can replay the problematic/system conditions and view the data at will for themselves.

System level statistics are useful when troubleshooting, however, SysTrack provides the ability to go one level deeper and see the USER LEVEL statistics which are imperative to effective troubleshooting. Knowing that the systems CPU went to 100% this morning at 10:21:09 is good; knowing specifically which user/application caused the CPU to spike is even better. Knowing is always better than guessing.

Graphical Analysis data used for troubleshooting, trending/capacity planning, and forecasting is retained for up to 36 months.

Event Log Monitoring

Receive a notification (audible alarm, email, page, etc.) when "pre-selected" events are recorded in the event log. Take an action based upon specified event criteria. SysTrack is Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and ITIL compliant.

Service and Application Management

Threshold alerts can trigger actions & notifications. Stop processes before they consume too many system resources. Receive notification when an application stops unexpectedly or becomes hung. Ensure unwanted applications do not execute in the environment.


770+ easy to use predefined reports. (Reports can be batched, processed in html, etc.)

Inventory and Asset Tracking

Comprehensive hardware and software inventory; complete with change detection and alerting. Receive a notification when a hardware or software change has been detected. Run comparison reports to detect what is different between two system builds. Which systems are missing critical updates?

Application Resource Analysis/Capacity Planning

Size servers accordingly with "real" usage statistics; ensure servers are not under/over utilized. Can this Terminal Server support more users? How many versions of x application are running in my environment? Who is using it?

User Auditing (Application/Web Activity)

Track user's session (log on/off) history. What applications/websites are your users are visiting? How frequently? Generate alerts, actions & notifications if necessary.

Software Licensing Management

SysTrack reports the number of instances (number of times an application is launched) across one or several systems over a selected range of time. Determine and report the exact number of users actually using an application. When are my peak usage times? Which users are they? Which applications are not being used to the fullest projected capacity? Eliminate unused software license's. This capability includes tracking concurrent application usage across thin-client environments.

Availability Reporting

SysTrack calculates uptime and downtime for any monitored system or application within the enterprise.

Billing/Usage Reporting

The SysTrack billing facility provides the ability to set fees for resources consumed (CPU, memory, connect time, and other metrics) and produce usage reports and application use. Construct reports by user, cost center, or domain that show resources used, session start time, elapsed time, applications executed, and costs.

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